The project develops a vertical programme on European Civic Education (ECE) and related teaching materials and will offer them through various Teacher Training Courses included in the Sofia Platform, the official teacher training platform of the Ministry of Education. These courses usually last 25 hours each and are mainly online to allow teachers from different cities to participate.

The courses are aimed at teachers from all levels of the national education system:

  • Primary school teachers – A course will be offered to help them introduce basic elements about the EU and its values into their teaching;
  • Secondary school teachers – Three courses will be offered, each addressing one of the following subjects: history and geography; foreign languages; technology and science;
  • Secondary school teachers – Seven courses will be offered, each addressing one of the following subjects: geography; philosophy; law; economics; science; foreign languages.
  • Develop and offer 2 editions of a one-year specialisation course in European and Multilevel Civic Education (blended) for up to 70 teachers per year: 60 CFU/ETS.

    All courses will be divided into five (or six) modules and will be characterised by:
    (a) an initial survey, to assess teachers’ initial knowledge and perceptions about the European Union;
    (b) a methodological introduction, focusing on the need to overcome methodological nationalism (as defined by Ulrich Beck) in favour of a multilevel and pluralistic approach;
    (c) an introduction to the European Union;
    d) a presentation of the vertical ECE programme, to be developed at the beginning of the project, focusing on the specific subject and school level that is the specific target of that course;
    e) modules, lessons, teaching materials, simulation games, project examples, activities and resources, helping teachers to incorporate EU issues into their teaching;
    f) a final survey, assessing teachers’ progress in their knowledge of the EU”.

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